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Why The Economy is so Unstable

Economy • by Creditgenie • 19 October 2017

One of the main reasons why the economy is currently unstable, is the misuse of governmental power.


This is something I will explain in more detail later in the article.By taking a look at Cyprus, the news didn’t report corruption.


The internal structures within Cyprus were all wrong.

There are so many different companies out there nowadays and they are all vying for a strong economic position.It is becoming essential for any modern company to work together to achieve economic targets.

It is important to bear in mind that the economy is constantly changing. These are only contributing factors rather than cold, hard evidence of corruption and thus an unstable economy.
3 of the simplest and obvious reasons why the economy across the world is so unstable:

• There is a lot of corruption in government and it affects the world economy.
• It is becoming important for the rest of the world to observe other world countries.
• Because they are bringing the world down.
• Taking a look at Cyprus, they had a lot of internet corruption.
• You could basically buy yourself a position in government
• Naturally meaning the best people for the job weren't implemented.
• Cyprus is used as an example here as it's a recent and relevant one.
• It's impact is illustrated by the way in which big powers such as Germany dealt with it.
• EU leaders took a much firmer stance when it came to the bailout, because of what happened in Greece.
• The EU makes their own rules up to suit their own opinions.
• I am not anti-EU but what happened with Cyprus was a little unfair.

• One of the simple reasons why the economy is so unstable, is because of the many unknowns.
• Natural disasters, governmental changes and strikes impact the economy of a country and the global economy.
• It is frightening to think how fragile the world economy is and how we need to maintain investment for growth.

• People are greedy and it's greed, that's sending the economy over the edge.
• We must work collaboratively in order to achieve our goals economically, not as individuals.
• Selfishness is a major problem and countries need to meet and work as a unit.
• The economy is not going to get better unless the aforementioned issues are ironed out.
• Governments and experts need to meet and strategize. The economy just won’t sort itself out.


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