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Why is Africa such a lucrative Investment Destination?

Investing • by Creditgenie • 19 October 2017

When looking at a map of the world for investment opportunities, it's highly unlikely that Africa would stand out as a place that you would point out and say “let’s invest there!” A lot has changed in Africa from an investment perspective recently.
Some areas of the continent are still experiencing civil war and other problems. Especially in the East African region around Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

But there have been some big accelerated development in recent years, making themselves hugely attractive to investors. Read our article on how to make investments enjoyable.

Publications, including Bloomberg Business Week and London’s City Wire, are regularly running features talking about the biggest opportunities that are available for investors targeting Africa.
Here are some reasons as to why Africa is potentially so lucrative:

Calmer Situations

With peace now existing in several African nations, it can drive investment.  With the countries mentioned in the opening paragraph's calmer political situation, it can help contribute to advancing infrastructure development. It helped many countries establishing themselves and become self-sufficient. Means that investment can help them grow and move forward. Is the biggest reason why investment managers are looking towards Africa rather than America or Asia.

Start-Up Boom

African nations have better access to education and bigger potential today for students to study abroad, before returning home. This means several countries are proving to be big startup hubs. Kenya is undoubtedly leading the way because many businesses in the country are specializing in homegrown products, able to drive huge levels of export business. This means that businesses can benefit from investment, to improve global reach and it's supply chain and never be in danger of having their headquarters moved abroad to London or New York.

Diverse Opportunities

We’ve just spoken about exports.  Anyone wanting to invest in Africa, need to look at the type of exports coming from it. Just recently it would it would have still been agricultural exports such as fruit and veg. Today, this has diversified. If the agricultural industry stopped exporting today, there would be enough export business to keep the economy thriving.

To discover more about good investment opportunities in Africa, follow finance profiles on Twitter, such as Invest In Africa. Here you will find links to top industry stories and grow your knowledge of what's happening in Africa right now.

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