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5 Ways to Make Your Money Last Longer

Saving Money • by Creditgenie • 19 October 2017

The current economic climate doesn’t make it easy to save money and improve your financial situation. You constantly have to think how to make your money last for the basic essentials and you can’t afford to have anything unexpected to happen.

To help you make your money last longer here are five very simple ways to try out. They might make your financial situation just a little bit easier.
1. Know How To Budget

Unfortunately the easiest way of making your money last longer is all about budgeting.

There is no escaping the fact that if you are aware of your spending and prepare for it each month you are going to be financially better off.

So make sure you read some clever budgeting tips online and take them on board. You can make budgeting a lot more fun and convenient by doing it on a smartphone. There are countless good budgeting apps to try out.

2. Store Food Better

The amount of food we waste each week is really staggering. We end up throwing away so much food just because we either store in improperly or we don’t know what to do with our leftovers.

You can make your money last for longer if you learn to take better care of your food. The internet is full of helpful guides and you should also spend some time looking for leftover recipes.

3. Spend More Time Talking

You might feel puzzled about this tip but spending more time talking with family and friends is a good way of saving money. We are often very bad at actually talking with the other person that we end up having to watch TV, go to the pub or play expensive games in order to have fun.

Instead of heading out with your friends invite them over and have a proper talk. Naturally, you can open a bottle of wine and have some snacks but it’ll still be a lot cheaper than spending money at a café.

4. Shopping Wholesale

Wholesale shopping is a clever way of getting more with your money. As you are buying directly from the wholesale company the items don’t have all the added costs in the price that retailers generally need to add. Therefore it is a good budget-friendly option.

Shopping wholesale clothing is especially good idea for families and students, for example. If you shop together with your friends you can end up making a lot of savings. Shopping wholesale is also a good option for the more fashion savvy shoppers.

Companies like Shado do provide all the latest fashion trends and you don’t need to pay a fortune to get them.

5. Start Blogging

You probably also have a hobby you are really passionate about or you feel like you could provide some of your expertise to the outside world. Setting up a blog is a great simple way of having something inexpensive to do while even making some money out of it.

There are many good ways you can turn a blog into profit. For instance, read these tips by Pro Blogger and start making some extra money while also having fun.

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