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How To Save Money On Groceries

Saving Money • by Creditgenie • 19 October 2017

So the end of the month has reached us, and it’s time to hit the shops again to buy some groceries in order to stock up for next month.




Groceries for a basic family of three can be quite expensive, and people overlook potential money savers, that can help you to shave a few bucks of the price tag.

The amount of potential savings out there, could easily amount to hundreds of rands.
What’s the Budget?



When looking at where to start saving on your next shopping trip, it’s closer to home than you think. And by that I mean, learn to budget and how to properly do it.


One can easily save that extra R1000, because by learning not spend too heavily on goods not needed, especially on luxury goods like entertainment and big screen TV’s,  which is a trend across the world, you are disciplining yourself to think more about how those funds could be spend where it matters.


Groceries are important for every household, but if half of your budget is dedicated to groceries, you are moving towards the red zone of debt, which is not what a   budget is supposed to achieve.


Here are several guides showing you how to budget properly:
A Greater Way to Save on Groceries

Below I am going to list some of the other great ways you can use, to really help save you money on your grocery shopping. Some of them may be old, but hey nothing is as good as a refresher.
Store Leaflets

Visit your nearest Game, Pick n’ Pay or Checkers collect all of their “Specials” leaflets and compare prices, to see which one of them is going to be the cheapest for you.


You can also get them online for free.


To note Game has a “price-match” policy, where if you can bring them a price of an item sold at another store, which they are also selling, and is cheaper than theirs, they will match it.


By having these leaflets on you, whilst doing shopping, can also act as a guide to exactly which items are on special that day/week, and where you will need to go in-store to find them. Also encircle the items you want to buy, to make it easier to find them. No one wants to spend the whole day in store bargain hunting.
Don’t Always Shop at the Reputable Stores

woolworths food


Yes in an ideal world everybody would have like to do their shopping at Woolworths, but in order to drive home the aim of saving, a store’s reputation shouldn’t be a factor.


There are lots of stores that provide brands and products that are not well-known, but are of exactly the same quality as those being sold at more well-known stores, like Pick n’ Pay’s no-name brand and Checker’s Housebrand products.


Personally I used to do my shopping in bits and pieces at Pick n’ Pay and Woolworths, but it worked out to be more expensive by at least R300.


Today by shopping at Checkers my bill now amounts to R4000, which saves me at least up to R400 and I can be rest assured that I bought good quality goods.


Just by looking at this week’s specials, you can get 2 Stork Country Spread for R50 and Kellog's Corn Flakes for R29 which if purchased at Woolworths will cost you R40 for their Kellog's Corn Flakes and R40 for one Stork Country Spread tub.


So just by shopping at Checkers can save you in total for these 2 items approximately R50.
What about 2 for 1?

2 for 1


Yes you may have seen the old “buy 2 for the price of 1” or “buy 1 get 1 free” signs in shops. Immediately when I see this, I think, BUY BUY BUY.


What I am speaking about here is to buy in bulk. Many people think that they really won’t need an extra deodorant or a pair of socks.


But if you look at the bigger picture, next month or the month there after you will most probably need that deodorant, which you in essence could have gotten for “free” if you bought that “2 for 1” deal.


Or buying in bulk can also help you to stock up for the coming months, as you won’t have to buy these items again, and the money saved can then be used for something else in your budget.


*Tip: To get some great bulk deals check the back of the Checkers specials leaflet. There are lots each week.
Extreme Couponing


clipping coupons

Well we’ve all seen the TV show and also in magazines or even online. Coupons are a plenty and if you look in the right places and collect as much as you can, you can easily get up to R50 off on a product.


Let’s be honest we always think, how is a R5 saving going to help me. But when you put 10 of those coupons together…Well then you have a R50 saving on your hands.


So couponing isn’t really about that one you get in a magazine or newspaper. It’s about collecting them, and adding them up, where it really is going to shave those bucks of the price tag.


Here are some places you can find coupons online:
Do You Feel Rewarded?

pick n pay smart shopper card


Most stores have a loyalty/rewards program these days, which can be used to earn rewards on certain products bought and be used to get off on your next purchase.


A rewards program of note is the Pick n’ Pay Smart Shopper card. It launched in 2011.


It works by giving you 1 point for every R1 spent. They work on an exchange rate of 1000 points to R10. So for every 1000 points you get, can get you R10 back on your purchases.


So for example if I budget R48000 on groceries for the year, and convert it into Smart Shopper points, that will bring my points total to 48 000 points, and converting that into rand value, brings me to R4800 in savings.


That is not too bad. So consider signing up for a loyalty/reward program on your next shopping trip.


*To note if you are a Discovery member, Smart Shopper ties in with HealthyShopper, leading to even more savings.

So as you can see there is various ways so save the next time you go to buy some groceries. And with that I hope your next shopping trip is very frugal one.