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Creditgenie offers lenders an easy online solution to borrow money. This solution has proven to be popular amongst many South Africans as a result of Creditgenie's easy online loan application. Creditgenie assists in offering loans for those with a bad credit rating, defaults or garnishee orders which could be the consequences of unfortunate circumstances (e.g. divorce, illness or death). If you find yourself in any of these situations, we can help you find a loan online.


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About Us

Creditgenie have been serving South Africans for over nine years. Through our Online Lenders, we process more than 250 000 loan applications per year, resulting in just over R2.5 billion worth of loan enquiries.

Our winning track record has helped make us a leading name when searching for a loan online. We have also added a Financial Counselling Programme, Legal and ID Assist and a full credit report to our free loan-finding service, and this has become a favourite among our customers when searching for a loan.

At Creditgenie, we only use reputable, credible moneylenders/brokers who are-in their own right-leaders in the micro loan industry. They offer a highstandard of service,which will ensure transparency and fairness throughout your loan application process online.

We would love to know what you were able to achieve with your loan application processor the outcome based on the legal advice from our Legal and ID Assist department. Let us hear about your experience in engaging with our team.

You can use your Creditgenie loan for whatever you need, such as: 1) paying for the essentials such as student loansfor your children’s studies/education or school fees; 2) vehicle finance to get that new or used car you’ve always wanted; or assist in paying off your car; 3) Personal Home Loans enabling you tofinally getting those necessary home renovations done; 4) Personal loans such as treating yourself to a much needed vacation; 5) putting that cash towards paying for your wedding; or 6) a debt consolidation loan.

4-in-1 Plan

Our 4-in-1 Plan consists of a Financial Counselling Programme, Legal and ID Assist, quarterly credit report and free loan-finding service. The cost for the plan is a once-off initiation fee of R395, with a monthly fee of R97. An upfront loan-finding service is offered to our clients and the Legal and ID Assistis activated immediately upon completion of the application, as we are confident in our service and would like you, as a member, to be covered for any legal advice and/or ID fraud.



This is a 24-hour, telephonic advice line manned by qualified and admitted attorneys. Legal Assist will provide you with expert legal advice. ID Assist offers preventative and remedial measures when identity fraud, loss or theft is experienced, giving you the legal assistance you need.
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We want to provide a financial service that will educate you on your financial/credit status. Therefore, we’ve partnered with a credit bureau to bring you a full, complete, detailed credit report. The credit report is available to you four times per year to ensure that your credit score information is always current and up to date.
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Here at Creditgenie, we are aware of the current economic situation, which makes things difficult and more challenging as it puts so much pressure on your living costs.Therefore, we’ve decided to offer you a Financial Counselling Programme which will assist you with managing your debt.
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If you’re looking for extra cash for home improvements, vehicle repairs or paying off your debt we can help make this possible.

Creditgenie gives you access to:

• Finding cash loans of up to R150 000
• Full Credit Report (Every Quarter)
• Legal and ID Assist plan
• Financial Counseling Programme
• Improving your credit score
• Savings up to 50% on monthly debt
• Flexible repayment options (from 12 to 60 months)
• Interest at 28% (max) per annum as per the NCA No 34 of 2005

Representative example: Credit amount of R10 000 borrowed for 24 months. Monthly service fee: R68,40. Annual Interest Rate: 28%. Total Amount payable: R17 208.

Contact Us

Here at Creditgenie, we enjoy and encourage all feedback from our users. Let us know what you think about our website, Legal and ID Assist service, financial counselling programme, credit check report, or whether you think we can do something better. You can either call or write to us, we would like to hear from you.

Tel: 021-835-3030

Fax: 086-766-8465

Email: customercare@creditgenie.co.za

Physical Address: 27 Willie van Schoor Avenue, Bellville, 7530

Business Hours: Monday to Friday from 08:00-18:00
Saturdays and Public Holidays from 09:00-13:00

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions about our website or company, click here to email us.

If you’d like to apply for a personal loan click here.

We’ll aim to always do our best, but in the event you’re not happy with our services, you may send a complaint to customercare@creditgenie.co.za, as we strictly adhere to the Consumer Protection Act of 2008. We strive to resolve all complaints within 72 hours from date of receipt.