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Online Loans in South Africa

Why online loans in South Africa is the better option for you.

Online loans in South Africa have been on the rise since its inception. So much so that Google Trends shows South Africa as the number one destination for online loan queries. Of course, taking out a loan can be nerve-racking and bring up safety concerns. But what people are missing here are all the benefits. This article looks at what an online loan is as well as its benefits.

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What is an online loan?

An online loan can be applied for from various financial services websites through an online complimentary loan assist application form on each site. It normally also involves extra services like legal assistance and free credit reports.

Once applied, applicants can choose from various lenders and usually receive an immediate response. Mostly no credit checks are done on the loan broker's side, but each lender may do one.

Why should you apply for an online loan?

If you look at all the options available to you for online loans in South Africa, including all the banks, it can be overwhelming.

Online loans fit in with today’s society, where everybody is constantly online on various devices and where feedback is instant. This is exactly one of online loans' biggest benefits.

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Benefits of online loans

  • Quick and easy application
  • Apply anywhere with your phone or computer
  • Long-term repayments
  • Qualify for large amounts
  • Various lenders
  • Free full credit reports
  • Includes legal assistance
  • No bank visits
  • Secure website

Should you be worried about anything? No not at all.

All lender websites are protected by strong web security and data encryption. Your personal information will never be given out to anybody. There are no hidden fees, as all the details are stipulated on the home page. Once approved for a loan, your money will be paid into your bank account.

So who can you trust?

Creditgenie is one of South Africa’s premier lending websites. They provide customers with top customer care backed by an excellent call centre. It has a great track record of solving all of their client's problems. Operating hours are flexible to accommodate each applicant with a potential problem.

Recent positive feedback from solved issues

“I just want to thank hello peter and the lady from Creditgenie, who called and apologised for the misunderstanding, said they will refund my cash even sent confirmation email.”

“Thank you, Inga, for your prompt and professional response. I received my refund in less than 24 hours. More importantly I really appreciate how Inga (Forensics) handled everything. That kind of service goes a long way.”

What’s the next step?

To apply, click on the button below or you can contact Creditgenie on: 021-835-3030.

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